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This course is not open for enrollment


Unlock your Intuition & Own your Energy

"It's so much easier to transform energy than we ever knew."  
Joy Harris

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Benefits you'll gain:
-Intuitive wisdom
-Comprehend energy healing
-Conscious life choices
-Greater self-knowledge
-Improved health & happiness
-Joyful Energy Community

This course is for you if:
-you are new to energy work and don't know where to start
-you want to expand your knowledge about energy work
-you are super sensitive and it feels overwhelming
-you want to deepen your inner wisdom connection
-you need to identify your intuition and clair senses
-you wish to identify blockages in your chakras
-you want to understand why you attract specific energies
-you wish to understand how empathy is a gift you can manage


This beautiful course is designed to help people connect more deeply with their Intuition, and understand how Energy communicates through their body. It is a beautiful gift to know that our connection with Divine Guidance allows us to work with Energy to benefit our body and life. 

This course is self-paced and will allow anyone to improve their ability to work with Energy Balancing and Healing, for themselves, their families and others. The intention is to help seekers at any level to deepen their practice in their current modality, and/or to find more information on Healing Modalities.

Inspiration is constantly flowing through and around us at all times. Your personal intuition is inviting you to align with, and connect to this powerful, creative Source energy filling your being with happiness, motivation, and joy. 

When you are living in this energetic vibration, those around you benefit as this state of being is infectious and you will inspire others as you live your soul’s purpose.

This course is not open for enrollment


Unlock your Intuition & Own your Energy

the Masterclass

Hear from "Magic" students

Dixie-Ann Harris Gordon
 "It was a magical experience! The content, the presentation, the layout, the delivery. There is so much to explore whether you are a beginning light worker or an advanced energy healer, there was something in it for everyone! I appreciated the fact that there was time and space to practice the skills and this is something we cannot take for granted. There is so much energy healing out there and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to experience it. I highly recommend it."

Despina Charavgi
"When Joy asked me to participate in her class I was thrilled. Every week was a unique experience. I learned so many things I didn’t know about energy, vibrations, the chakras and we had lots of practice with the tools that she gave us to tap into our own intuition and slowly I built my confidence, I increased my intuition so much and because of that course and thanks to that course I am now an energy healer too because I believe in my ability to create the magic in my life and to heal other people with my practice. Thank you, Joy, and don’t miss the course, just do it, take it!" 

Millie Chiu
"Joy, through her work on me and others in the Global heart healing group, has made me understand energy more. And it was an honor for me to be in her course “Tap into Your Magic” and I met so many people in the class and we practiced muscle testing. Joy also taught us how to unlock our energy and how to connect our consciousness. Through this program, I learned so much about energy and how to improve my healing ability. This is what opened for me when I learned to tap into my magic."  

Magdalena Hodur 
"It helped me a lot to understand the voice of my intuition and understand the voice of my heart and body. It has a lot on the different frequencies of emotions on your body, it teaches you how to tap into your emotions and intuition and know what is best for your body in order to make better choices for your health and life. Joy has helped me increase awareness about the chakras, the meridians and realize what power lays inside you and what you’re capable of. Highly recommend it!"  

Phaki Lesibu
"I’m an emotional freedom techniques practitioner and a reiki master. I had the joy and privilege of working with Joy in her class “Tap into your Magic”. My mission as a practitioner is to help people who are looking to empower themselves to overcome ancestral trauma and live their best life and Joy’s work has really helped me to be the very best practitioner I could be. She is such a kind loving presence and her work is so profound. I hope you get to connect with her because she is really a special person." 

Marcia Nathai Balkissoon
"As a special needs parent, Joy’s course filled my heart to receive the guidance that I did from Joy that helped me learn a range of additional ways and tools that I could give care to myself and my family including my special needs child. I saw changes in my child’s stress level, in my own tenseness and pain levels; I sometimes calmed her through these tools which would take down her pain and strain and stress, would ease her crying and for all of those reasons I can’t recommend Joy’s course enough. Thank you, Joy!"

Course Curriculum

What you will also get:
-One live healing session with Q&A with Joy Harris
-interactive community with other students
-special support from Joy's "Joyful Guardians"

A very special Thanks and credit where credit is due to my dear friends and supporters for all their help in bringing this course to reality!
Producers and Editors: Despina Charavgi, Elsa Le Torrivellec, Natalia Filipescu-Verin,
and our dear friend Germán Lobos.
Alpha testers: Dixie-Ann Harris Gordon, Magdalena Hodur, Millie Chiu, Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon, Anis Berrada,
Elif Hürdoğan, Margie Lucas, Phaki Lesibu, Gabriela González-Amezcua, Tai de Oliveira and all above.